Streight Angular


Streight Angular
Everyone is Syncopated EP
Polk Records / Whitehaus Family Record
ADDS 1/17/12

It feels like the world is ending, but Streight Angular are here to party! In a time of political, financial and social change, Streight Angular release their most daring and poignant work to date. Moving forward from where their celebrated album “After and Before” (Polk Records, 2010) left off, Everyone is Syncopated EP keeps you dancing, while tickling your mental neurons. Everyone is Syncopated EP is a collection of songs that are striking and entertaining at the same time. Subjects are wide-ranging: interrogation, shopping, the environment, the woes of online dating, and the struggles of living in a post-modern age. Imagery abounds within Everyone is Syncopated EP: “Ozone layer...snow caps are melting, energy manipulating, polar bears disintegrating, all the seals evacuating.” Itʼs perfect for a generation who feels lost and wanting for something more, who are looking for music with substance, rather than fast food and commercial fillers.

Punk, Rock, Dance - itʼs all here. From the first track your head will be bobbing and your toes tapping along. There is something for everyone. With five brand new songs, Streight Angular invite you to share your worries, your fears, your pain, and your insecurities and leave them behind to find freedom. The title track “Everyone is Syncopated” is a grooving banger with a huge chorus. “Supermarché” is an off kilter jittery mess of pop punk. “In My Bed, Not My Head” is a lighting bolt of sound hearkening the days of old when people still had telephones in their homes. “Oh Gurl” is a modern Beach Boys dream. “Hot Pot Anaconda” is a sweaty jungle of love. Everyone is Syncopated EP is so strange, yet so easily accessible. It is a colorful journey through the realms of magical psychedelia that will have you traveling through genres to a new era in music.

Everyone is Syncopated EP was recorded in 4 different locations in Massachusetts over the span of a year, with three different producers: Travis Hagan, Kenny Pappaconstantinou, and Charles Haywood Murphy IV. It was mastered by the inimitable Luke Sullivan (Left Hand Does). It was released on Polk Records (Boston) and The Whitehaus Family Record (Boston) in January 2012.

We are bombarded at every turn with the latest trend and/or gadget created to distract us and fill us with temporary joy. Everyone is Syncopated EP is the soundtrack to fall in love to, to listen to on the way to work - to find a reason to believe, while the world around us falls apart. Streight Angular aren't the voice of a generation, they are the product of a generation.

Nominated "BEST NEW ARTIST" - Boston Music Awards

Nominated "BEST NEW ARTIST" - Boston Phoenix

"Pop-y and punk-y with driving choruses that only just got their learner’s permits--that’s Boston’s own Streight Angular for you being all neon-beardy and whatnot." - Weekly Dig.

"Pure rock candy on sugar-perched lips, Streight Angular is the trick for the treaters and the treat for the tricksters." - Boston Phoenix

Winner of Deli Magazine CMJ Best New Music Video "Everyone is Syncopated"

RIYL: Flaming Lips, Apples And Stereo, Wavves
TRY: #1, 2, 3

Everyone is Syncopated by streightangular

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