catching a rise from a sinking ship
ADDS 7/7/15

textbookcopilot is a post hardcore/ indie band from Boston, MA that has been actively playing since March 2012. In November 2012 textbookcopilot released their first EP, 15 Hours On The Dead Sun. After some solid local radio play and many shows under their belts they added a 2nd guitar and opened up the sonic possibilities! Capitalizing on the momentum in 2014 textbookcopilot released the Arrivals//Departures EP to great reviews and play on over 40 college stations nationwide. With new songs brewing in 2014 it was back into the studio this time to Magpie Cage in Baltimore MD with J. Robbins (Jawbox, Channels, Burning Airlines) to record 'catching a rise from a sinking ship" released in June 2015. J. Robbins also provided backing vocals on the EP.

RIYL: Sunny Day Real Estate, Title Fight, Hot Water Music, The Life And Times, Rival Schools
TRY: #1, 2, 3

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Beautiful Bodies
ADDS 7/7/15

"Electro-shocked pop rock that'll make you think and dance." – Alternative Press

"High energy" – Culture Collide

"A big, bombastic rocker." – Houston Chronicle

"Infectious melodies." – Yell Magazine
The debut album from Kansas City, MO alt-rock trio Beautiful Bodies, Battles, is out now on Epitaph. The band announced their signing to the label in 2014 and shortly after that they entered the studio with producer John Feldmann for Battles. 
Battles is streaming in its entirety at YouTube now:
When Alicia Solombrino (vocals), Thomas Becker (guitar, drums), and Luis Arana (bass) first crossed paths five years ago, making music together was the furthest thing from either of their minds. Solombrino was busy singing in her own band, playing keyboards in a self-described “art rock project” with bassist Luis Arana; Becker, a former member of Gratitude and a graduate of Harvard Law School, had chucked his musical aspirations in favor of human rights law — at the time, he was living in Bolivia and suing the country’s former president for human rights violations. But Solombrino’s magnetic, high-energy presence and total lack of inhibition immediately convinced Becker that he’d found his artistic soul mate.
For Beautiful Bodies, it all ultimately comes down to one thing: Energy. The alt-rock band's unapologetically loud-and-hooky music and their fabulously chaotic live shows stem directly from an all-consuming desire to tap into the cosmic power grid, and channel it full-force to the world at large. 
Catch Beautiful Bodies live all summer on the Vans Warped Tour

RIYL: Paramore, Purple, Marmozets, Chvrches
DIRTY: #8, 9, 10
TRY: #1, 2, 3, 5

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ADDS 6/30/15

Refused are f*cking alive. There's no escape. The Iconic Swedish hardcore band are releasing Freedom their first new album in 17 years on June 30 via Epitaph

Listen to the first new song "Elektra" at Pitchfork here

"Refused has returned with a new shape of punk that’s just as wild and eclectic as their last." - Consequence of Sound review (B+)

“A luminous work of bombastic-in-the-best-way brilliance.” – Revolver

"Freedom’ is quite possibly the band's most electrifying and propulsive record to date." - Rolling Stone

“Even 17 years after their last record, few can do it like Refused." – Brooklyn Vegan

In 1998 Refused released their iconic album The Shape of Punk to Come. It was also the year that the band broke up and declared "Refused Are F*cking Dead". Fourteen years later, the band reignited in 2012 for a Coachella performance. The group started contemplating new music within the first four months of the reunion tour, a process greatly aided by the fact that drummer David Sandström, guitarist Kristofer Steen, and bassist Magnus Flagge had already been writing together informally for several years under the auspices of a new, vocal-less band.
Frontman Dennis Lyxzén states:
“It’s not a reunion anymore. This is one of the most radical things we’ve ever done, both musically and lyrically.”
Drummer David Sandström adds:
"Nobody wanted us to f*ck with the image of the band who makes a great album and splits up. Nobody wanted us to dilute it. That actually provoked us.”
Freedom explodes out of the speakers with opening track “Elektra,” as Lyxzén throat-shredding declaration that “nothing has changed” catapults Refused into the 21st century. Production for Freedom was overseen by Nick Launay (Gang Of Four, Public Image Ltd., Nick Cave, and Arcade Fire). “Elektra” and “366” were produced and co-written by fellow Swede and longtime Refused fan Shellback, who has scored eight No. 1 hits.
Refused returned to the US with a performance at the Punk Rock Bowling festival in Las Vegas on May 24, followed by a sold out small club tour this spring. Additionally Refused will tour with Faith No More this summer.

Stream the new album via YouTube or Pandora!

RIYL: Converge, The Bronx, F*cked Up, Faith No More
TRY: #1, 3, 4
DIRTY: #2, 6

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Rock & Roll In America
Panic State Records
ADDS 6/30/15

Rebuilder need to get on the road with some of skate-punk and pop-punk’s great masters, like the Descendents and NOFX. Their one-two punch of two lead vocalists and straight barre-chord punk is catchy as hell, and deserves to be heard by the masses.” – Do 617

“Loud, fast, pop punk with attitude.” – Daykamp Music

Rebuilder are the best kind of in-between from hardcore punk and early 90’s skate punk. Bigass hooks, singalong choruses, gritty palm-muted guitars...go do a kickflip, break your wrist, and go to a Rebuilder show in your cast. That’s how it should be.” – Allston Pudding

“A killer punk screed needn’t exceed two minutes. Economical and phenomenal.” – Jed Gottlieb, Boston Herald

2014 Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble participant and Boston Music Award nominee for ‘Punk Artist of the Year’, Rebuilder rips open the preconceived stitches of punk rock to deliver their expansive, mature, and complex sophomore album, “Rock & Roll In America”. Their debut full-length on Panic State Records, “ Rock & Roll In America” reinvents the self-proclaimed gnarly rock band’s sonic footprint, transcending the traditional three chord punk progression and showcasing the evolution of the band’s collaborative writing styles.

Passionate, stirring and with a ‘never say die’ attitude in the same vein as Frank Turner or Against Me, Rebuilder’s live shows are packed with the resilient emotion of DIY music inspired by the honest truth, the instinctual reaction and the second wind that holds you back from the brink of exhaustion. Rebuilder hit the scene in 2013 and has opened for acts such as The Dropkick Murphys, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Dead Milkmen and Stiff Little Fingers. ‘Rock & Roll In America’ was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jay Maas of Defeater at Getaway Studios in Haverhill, MA.

Rebuilder is Sal Ellington (vocals, guitar), Craig Stanton (vocals, guitar), Daniel Carswell (bass), Brandon Phillips (drums), Rick Smith (electric keyboard and organ).

RIYL: Frank Turner, Against Me, Descendents, Bouncing Souls
TRY: #4, 7, 9
DIRTY: #11

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ADDS 6/23/15

NPR Music: First Listen

"Conor Oberst returns to his punk roots with politically-charged LP" - Consequence of Sound

"Conor Oberst's Band Desaparecidos Announce New Album Payola, Share "City on the Hill"...Their first album in 13 years features Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace, Cursive's Tim Kasher, So So Glos" - Pitchfork

"Expectedly anthemic, expectedly passionate, expectedly great." - Vulture

"Anthemic." - Rolling Stone 
Formed in 2001 in Omaha, Nebraska, Desaparecidos released one album, Read Music / Speak Spanish in 2002 on Saddle Creek Records. Though the band never "broke up", they did part ways for several years as members Conor Oberst (vocals, guitar), Denver Dalley (guitar), Ian McElroy (keyboards), Landon Hedges (bass / vocals), and Matt Baum (drums) went on to pursue separate ambitions, including Conor Oberst's career with the band Bright Eyes.

Influenced by '70s/'80s punk & hardcore like T.S.O.L. and Cro-Mags; early '80s power-pop the Vapors and Tommy Tutone, Payola was co-produced with Mike Mogis (First Aid Kit, Saintseneca, and 'The Fault in our Stars' Score From the Motion Picture with Nate Walcott); and was recorded in several batches over the past few years. On Payola, the band consciously tackled a wide range of political issues at a much broader scale. It has a greater degree of focus and musicality than the first release. Payola is more raw, louder, and angrier. In addition to the 6 previously released tracks, the album also includes 8 new tracks from the band.

A band that never fully came into fruition is finally getting their due with their sophomore release only 13 short years later. Desaparecidos are scheduled to play show dates this year with a full itinerary here.

RIYL: Japandroids, Superchunk, Against Me, Joyce Manor, Thermals
TRY: #3, 4, 5, 6, 9

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