Fat Wreck Chords
ADDS 10/28/14

Infrequently does a work of art or a performance embody the true culmination of a career, life of experience, or body of work. LAGWAGON’s latest offering Hang achieves just that.

While most veteran bands coast into the finish line echoing a familiar cadence, hemmed in by the parameters of the sound they've defined, LAGWAGON are just now realizing their full potential and picking up speed at the end of the race. As a band that has been heavily influential on modern punk, LAGWAGON’s existing resume is beyond reproach, yet Hang outshines all past exploits by utilizing every bit of their hard-earned experience, musicianship, and song writing savvy.

Musically it’s a concoction of Hoss, Trashed, and Blaze, seasoned with Duh’s metallic overtones and Let’s Talk About Feelings’ strong sense of melody, and finished off with a progressive character as yet unseen on any previous release. Lyrically it's a stunningly substantive commentary on the modern world, written through the lens of a lifetime of visceral experience.

Hang is the perfect balance of music and meaning; massive riffs playing off of unforgettable hooks and classic melody, all bound by a stirring tone and message. Casual and dedicated LAGWAGON fans will be blown away by what Hang accomplishes, but it transcends merely appealing to existing devotees. Hang will be reflected on as a quintessential and genre-defining opus.

- First new studio full-length in 9 years!

- Produced by Bill Stevenson (Black Flag, Desendents)

- Recorded at the Blasting Room (Rise Against, Descendents, Alkaline Trio, NOFX)

On tour now! Contact us with any requests!

Check out the Noisey/Vice premiere here!

Clean radio edits were sent to radio. Both Clean & Dirty versions are available for download below.

RIYL: No Use for a Name, Pennywise, Bad Religion, Propagandhi
TRY: #2, 3, 4

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Sink Tapes
You Sulk When You Sleep
Mint 400 Records
ADDS 10/28/14

This release is a precursor to the next Sink Tapes full length album which will be out later this fall on Mint 400 Records.

Sink Tapes have steadily been gaining the reputation as NJ's most prolific band as this will be their 2nd full length in 2014. This record follows up the jangley, sometimes electro, indie rock album "Touchdown Buffalo" but focuses more on the delicate acoustic side of Sink Tapes. This band exemplifies what a hard working DIY band can do when they are as motivated as New Brunswick's Sink Tapes

"Melodic, crisp tracks flow effortlessly, with touches of early 90s Alt-rock and late 70s pop sensibility. Modern rock elements anchor the groups sound and give their music a defining characteristic as not something repeated, but something innovative."  - Jeanne Crump | Gypsy Blood Music

"an extended audio drug trip, their sound is alternately blissful, sleepy and mildly disorienting.Their commitment to this potent aesthetic finds them effectively eschewing traditional pop song-craft in favor of mood." - Jason Knndrath | Pop Break

"I can say with great conviction that Sink Tapes is a band too important to languish into obscurity... With sharp guitar riffs, delicate vocals, and easy paced drums, Sink Tapes produce strong, well constructed songs that will definitely secure them a place in the future of indie." - Raveen Lemon | Listen Before You Buy

RIYL: Cloud Nothings, Sebadoh, Yuck, The Replacements, Lilys
TRY: #1, 2

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Pianos Become The Teeth
Keep You
ADDS 10/28/14

Epitaph Records is pleased to announce that Baltimore, Maryland band Pianos Become The Teeth has joined the roster. The band will release their third studio album called Keep You on October 28.

You can listen to the first track called "Repine" at Noisey here!

Pianos Become The Teeth worked with producer Will Yip (Braid, Title Fight, Touché Amoré) during a month long recording session in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. "I took a less unbridled approach to the songs this time around,” vocalist Kyle Durfey explains. “That’s what I felt the songs called for and in my heart it matched the tone of the record.”

Keep You accelerates the band's trajectory from a melodic hardcore act to a group that creates heaviness and weight via raw emotion instead of distortion. It is an expansive statement that is defined as much by what the listener hears as it is the dramatic space that hangs between each note. The virtuosic musicianship of Pianos Become the Teeth has been re-contextualized into moody and haunting compositions such as “Repine” which features atmospheric strings and an instantly contagious chorus with a solid tribal rhythm.

Keep You deals with familiar concepts like mortality and communication in an intensely personal way that's also remarkably relatable in its honesty. "The album is about things you want to say to people but you can't for some reason whether it's because they're not in your life anymore or they've passed away," Durfey explains. But there is an inkling of hope expressed when Durfey sings "your wick won't burn away" on "Repine".

On tour now! Contact us for any opportunities!

RIYL: Touché Amoré, La Dispute, Defeater, Balance and Composure
TRY: #5, 1, 2, 9

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Join us at Fontana’s (105 Eldridge b/w Broome & Grand) on October 22nd from Noon-6pm in NYC for the 11th annual Pirate!/Anti-/Epitaph Party during CMJ!

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The Bots
Pink Palms
Fader Label
ADDS 10/14/14

"The Bots Are Taking Over" - The New York Times

"An absolute knockout" - NPR

"The Bots go beyond skate punk" - The Los Angeles Times

"Most Likely To Succeed" - Rolling Stone

"The Bots make brilliant, weird rock & roll music. And the future - a big part of it - belongs to them" - Zane Lowe, BBC Radio 1

"Punk riff attacks . . . sultry blues rock with a highly danceable electronic flair" - MTV Iggy

The Bots are starring in a Mitsubishi commercial, performing new track "All Of Them (Wide Awake)" - Airs nationwide October 29th

Performed at Coachella, Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, AFROPUNK Fest, Riot Fest

Watch them perform live in The Current studios last month!

On tour now! Contact us with any requests!

RIYL: Japandroids, Skaters, Cloud Nothings
TRY: #4, 7, 2, 6

Download full album here:

More Info Here: