Star Wars
dBpm / Anti-
ADDS 8/4/15

"Surprise! Wilco just released a new album called Star Wars" - Consequence of Sound

"Wilco sound spryer, looser, livelier, wittier, and more fun than they have in years." - Paste (8.0)

"While you never can really tell with a lyricist as cryptic and elliptical as Tweedy, Star Wars hints at a congruence between his own cautious confessions and Wilco’s sensible risks—while this could just be a dry run for a conventionally released "event", the fact that they're challenging themselves is rewarding enough on its own." - Pitchfork (7.7)

"remarkably, the ever-changing band has found a way to please fans of each of their distinct periods" - Spin (7/10)

"Only Wilco could make something this eruptive feel so comfy, like a steel-wool security blanket." - Rolling Stone (4.5/5)

"Looser, grungier, fuzzier and yet more abrupt, perhaps, than latter-day Wilco offerings, Star Wars is proof that you can get considerably more than you pay for." - The Guardian

"Even by Wilco’s adventurous standards, Star Wars is possibly the most unusual, exploratory work of the band’s existence." - The Independent

"Star Wars is indeed a gift — a strangely simultaneously scuzzy and breezy gem of a record that clocks in at just over a half hour." - Pretty Much Amazing

RIYL: My Morning Jacket, Spoon, Okkervil River, Deer Tick
TRY: #2, 3, 5, 7, 11

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Stellan Wahlström Drift Band
Hotel Continental
ADDS 8/4/15

”A very strong band performing some amazing music. A more sophisticated take on a cross between post-Velvets and Alt-Country. Well worth checking out.” - The Big Takeover

"Dynamic piano and playful guitars. It was indeed a long wait for the successor to the album Across the room, but the long wait is more than made up by the new album Hotel Continental." - Rootstime (Belgium)

"The guitar rock here could originate from the classic new wave-period on Manhattan when Television, Blondie and Talking Heads were the hippest bands in town. Sounds very un-Swedish in a good way." - Gefle Dagblad (Sweden)

"The warmth of Stockholm’s Cobra Studio’s two-inch analogue tape setup shines through on this thoughtful collection of Alt-country tracks from the Swedish song-meister, Stellan Wahlström. Hammond organ and Fender guitars jostle with vocal stylings that are infused, alternately, with the spirit of Dylan and Cohen circa 1967, to create an homage to the heroes of the former Wylde Mammoths beat maker. Poetic and crammed with narrative intent, clever lyrics evoke a spirit of international travel long gone, where each place told a different story. The tracks ‘Waxholme Hotel’ and ‘Already Done’ are superb examples of this artful story telling at work. Patrick Derivaz, whose credits include John Cale and Television, renews a longstanding acquaintance with one time NY resident Wahlström, delivering a sensitive mix that compliments some excellent guest guitar work from Dream Syndicate’s Jason Victor. Subtle, clever, a little morose; this is a fine album." - Shindig (UK)

RIYL: Destroyer, Luna, Nick Cave, War On Drugs, Pete Yorn
TRY: #1, 2, 3, 4, 6

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The Karpinka Brothers
You Can Count On Me
ADDS 8/4/15


The Karpinka Brothers release their new album You Can Count On Me on September 4.  Watch an exclusive album preview video via YouTube. The LP is the band’s third full-length release following 2012’s There's A Light. The band will be performing at the Regina Folk Festival with a full national tour to be announced soon.
The album was recorded live over the span of two days in the band’s hometown of Saskatoon at Full Color Music. The tracks were mastered by John Golden of Golden Mastering in California (Ty Segall, Sonic Youth, Explosions in the Sky) and mixed by S.J. Kardash (The Deep Dark Woods, The Sheepdogs).

“There are two very distinct personalities between us two brothers,” says Shawn Karpinka, lead vocals, guitar and banjo. “This is our first album to truly reflect that.”
Hailing from Saskatchewan, The Karpinka Brothers’ sound bridges a curious gap between Van Morrison, Joel Plaskett, and outsider artists like Daniel Johnston and their songwriting and delivery is honest, blunt, and heartwarming. They have shared the stage with songwriters such as Gordon Lightfoot and Tom Wilson. Their debut album One Brick At A Time (2008) charted nationally on college radio and received CBC airplay. Exclaim! called their sophomore release There’s A Light (2012) a “solid crop of catchy, up-tempo pop songs.” The brothers volunteer regularly to perform at the local long-term care home the Park Ridge Care Center.

RIYL: Good Old War, They Might Be Giants, Joel Plaskett, Daniel Johnston
TRY: #2, 4, 5, 6, 7

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B. Dolan
Kill The Wolf
Strange Famous Records
HIP HOP & TOP 200 ADDS 7/28/15

"Rapper B. Dolan may hail from the smallest state in the union, Rhode Island, but his booming voice is one of the loudest in underground hip-hop. He gained notoriety in the early aughts for his spoken word and activism, at one point even being courted by Def Jam. In the end, he opted not to adhere to the structure of a major label and has since released two full-length albums and three mixtapes....The 11-track album features Dolan at his most brash, spitting venomous rhymes over bombastic beats. Utilizing live instrumentation, the production pops violently from the speakers. He even ups the ante by bringing in Buck 65 and Aesop Rock for the track “Jailbreak”. Dolan’s flow constantly operates at high intensity, making every song feel like a commandment ripe with political thought and introspective insights." - Consequence of Sound

B. Dolan‘s self-produced “KILL THE WOLF”, a sweeping, powerful opus five years in the making, is out now! The album reinforces Dolan’s status as a complex lyricist and introduces him as a ambitious, versatile producer, dedicated as ever to concept and vision over fleeting hip-hop trends.

This sophomore studio effort on STRANGE FAMOUS RECORDS / SPEECH DEVELOPMENT features a supporting cast of talent from a wide range of musical backgrounds, including AESOP ROCK, BUCK 65, ALIAS, CECIL OTTER (Doomtree), KATHLEEN STUBELEK (Circle Takes the Square), DS3K, BUDDY PEACE, AUPHEUS, and the late DAVID LAMB (Brown Bird).

It would be easy for an album to go astray amidst such varying styles, but Dolan stays in firm command as the expert conductor, driving the album’s layered and visionary sound. “KILL THE WOLF” sets out with a goal of demolishing the boundaries of what was previously thought possible in a B. Dolan record; bringing the best techniques from his catalogue into a new era of production value by fusing live guitars, analog synths, violins and upright bass with formidable vocals and intricate lyrics.

Five years after shaking the foundations of underground rap with his “Fallen House, Sunken CIty” LP, B. Dolan emerges from the earth, battle-tested, clear-eyed, and sharper than ever.

The time has come to Kill the Wolf.

RIYL: Buck 65, Alias, Sage Francis, Doomtree, Run The Jewels, Action Bronson
TRY: #5, 9, 10

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All Sensory Void
Secret Truth of the Universe
Sniffling Indie Kids / Mint 400
ADDS 7/28/15

All Sensory Void began as a solo project for Eric Goldberg of NGHTCRWLRS, The Nico Blues, and Delicate Flowers to record the songs he’d been writing on his own for years. On his newest release, Secret Truth of the Universe, Goldberg burrows in to a universe of exquisite sound.

The album teeters between psychedelic extremes, featuring the groove-laden dance rock of “Feeling for You” and the ocean of ambience that is “Living in Real-Time”. “A Day in a Daydream” covers the psychedelic pop of Apples in Stereo with Velvet Underground cool while “New Year” takes the fragility of Elliott Smith and paints it with strokes of My Bloody Valentine-esque colors.

Goldberg plays every instrument here, basking each track in psychedelic pop perfection. “Feeling for You” sounds like Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain-era Pavement covering Daft Punk. Secret Truth of the Universe is an album that sounds outside of time, simultaneously defining and floating through any rigid genre borders. We hope you enjoy it!

RIYL: Mac DeMarco, Foxygen, Quilt, My Bloody Valentine
TRY: #2, 4, 6, 8

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