Emma Ruth Rundle / Jaye Jayle
The Time Between Us
Sargent House
ADDS 2/21/17

The Time Between Us is the title of a new 6-song split EP between Sargent House alum Emma Ruth Rundle (Red Sparowes, Marriages) and the label’s newest addition, Louisville’s Jaye Jayle (featuring Evan Patterson of Young Widows). The EP boasts three previously unreleased tracks from each artist.

On the heels of her recently released and widely recognized third album, Marked for Death, Emma Ruth Rundle unveils a follow-up dose of brooding, melancholic rock draped in shimmering guitar and the breathy familiarity of her unmistakable voice. Opening track “The Distance” incorporates the lonely tones and dusty landscapes which are by now a trademark of the Emma Ruth Rundle sound, its lulling swells of reverb punctuated by sparkles of lyrical intensity. “To Fold in England (Hours)”, meanwhile, invokes a stoic kind of restraint, all muted keys and aching strings, a subtle backdrop for Rundle’s delicate fretwork, soon extinguished under the density of her nuanced, layered vocals. The side closes with the original acoustic version of “Hand of God”, a standout track from Marked for Death. Stripped of studio embellishments, Rundle’s haunting voice, accompanied simply by the thrum of her acoustic guitar, takes center stage. A fleeting glint of vulnerability, “Hand of God” exhibits the raw, cathartic nature of Rundle’s art, reduced to its essence.

Though possessing a distinct Southern filter, Jaye Jayle’s stripped-back noir in fact owes more to Krautrock than the blues, while Evan Patterson’s baritone croon brings to mind Angels of Light-era Michael Gira. Jaye Jayle unsurprisingly count Spacemen 3, Neu!, and Lungfish among their varied influences, while arriving at a sound wholly unusual in the American underground. The swampy thump of opener “About Time You Came to Me” is a prime example of what the band describes as its “exercises in tension and restraint”, a slide guitar serenade wallowing in a vaporous sea of otherworldly keyboard sounds and floor tom wallop. The slow-boil grumble of second track “Unnecessarily” finds Patterson channeling his inner Iggy Pop over a rhythm made menacing by its sheer unwillingness to break form. “Hope Faith County”, by comparison, seems as if transmitted from a dream. A timeless meander draped in icy violins, the song concludes Jaye Jayle’s side with Patterson’s reverb-laden voice nonchalantly positing the unexpected query, “Space girl, have you finally found me”? Considering the singular, peculiar nature of the group’s sound, it seems like a reasonable question.

"Her voice sounds otherworldly; there's a mystical quality to her singing that displaces you from wherever you're hearing it. The guitars are understated, strumming sounds that seem to reverberate out into the stars." – CLRVYNT, “The Distance” premiere

“a slow-burner with a creepy vocal delivery from Evan that’s kinda somewhere between Nick Cave and Michael Gira.” – Brooklyn Vegan, “Unnecessarily” premiere

Both are on tour now! Hit us up with any requests!

RIYL: PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Michael Gira
TRY: #1, 3, 4, 5

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The Bombpops
Fear of Missing Out
Fat Wreck Chords
ADDS 2/14/17

After two buzz-building EP’s, SoCal punk quartet (and newest member of the Fat Wreck Chords family) THE BOMBPOPS are finally delivering with their highly-anticipated debut full-length, Fear of Missing Out. A handful of lineup changes over the past few years delayed progress, but co-founders and frontwomen Jen Razavi and Poli van Dam finally secured their dream rhythm section and haven’t looked back since. The current iteration of the band finally allowed Jen and Poli to go full steam ahead and unlock the massive potential that’s been tantalizing BOMBPOPS fans all along. Fear of Missing Out unleashes a sharp mix of intensity and poppiness, from the infectious harmonies of “CA in July” to the shotgun blast drive of “Brake Lights” and “I Can’t”. The album’s blend of catchiness and energy is off the charts. THE BOMBPOPS teamed up with Chris Fogal of legendary pop-punk band The Gamits as producer, elevating their songs even further with his shine and polish. Although it was a long road to completion, this charged up pop-punk masterpiece was certainly worth the wait. The lyrics to "Be Sweet" were written by the late Brandon Carlisle of Teenage Bottlerocket.

RIYL: Bad Cop/Bad Cop, The Regrettes, The Coathangers
TRY: #3, 4, 5, 8
DIRTY: #2, 6, 7

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The Menzingers
After The Party
ADDS 2/7/17

After the Party is the follow-up to the Philadelphia-based band’s widely acclaimed Rented World.

Produced by Will Yip (Title Fight, Balance & Composure, Pianos Become the Teeth), After the Party taps into the Menzingers’ everyman romanticism to reflect on getting older but not quite growing up.

Throughout the album, singer/guitarists Greg Barnett and Tom May, bassist Eric Keen, and drummer Joe Godino offset that deeply nuanced songwriting with anthemic harmonies, furious power chords, and larger-than-life melodies.

“We spent our 20s living in a rowdy kind of way, and now we’re at a point where it seems like everyone in our lives is moving in different directions,” says May of the inspiration behind After the Party. Adds Barnett: “We’re turning 30 now, and there’s this idea that that’s when real life comes on. In a way this album is us saying, ‘We don’t have to grow up or get boring—we can keep on having a good time doing what we love.’”

“Bad Catholics” follows the release of After the Party’s lead single “Lookers,” which premiered on Noisey in August.

The Menzingers formed as teenagers in their hometown of Scranton in 2006, then later relocated to Philadelphia. The band made their Epitaph debut with 2012’s On The Impossible Past, which was voted Album of the Year by Absolute Punk and PunkNews. Released in 2014, Rented World was praised as “packed with clever songwriting” by The New York Times and “a colossal fist-pumper” by Stereogum.

"After The Party is a whiskey-soaked, beer-can-smashing punk rock record with catchy melodies hanging off of it like clothes on a line. It’s made for singing drunkenly with your friends, singing at the top of your voice when you’re home alone or blasting at full volume when you’re driving in the summer with the windows down. It’s reflective and deeply personal, while still being relatable and able to be enjoyed by anyone who likes the sound of a guitar and a voice. Even the most stalwart hater of rock music would be hard-pushed to deny that Greg Barnett‘s delivery is so uniquely weathered that these songs, which would have been great even in the hands of another vocalist, are made all the better by being sung by a man who’s voice is so distinct and above all so believable." - MOSH

On tour now! Contact us with any requests!

RIYL: Jeff Rosenstock, AJJ, Beach Slang, Joyce Manor, Rozwell Kid
TRY: #2, 3, 8, 9

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Less Than Jake
Sound The Alarm
Pure Noise
ADDS 2/7/17

"Gainesville, Florida ska-punk veterans Less Than Jake have been around the block a few times, but never disappoint" - AltPress: Album Premiere!

Twenty years into its pioneering journey, Gainesville, Fla., natives Less Than Jake – comprised of lyricist/drummer Vinnie Fiorello, vocalist/guitarist Chris DeMakes, vocalist/bassist Roger Manganelli, saxophonist Peter "JR" Wasilewski, and trombonist Buddy Schaub – have had their fair share of moments. For a band obsessed with interacting with its fans, both online and after shows; for a band that is so concerned with making sure the fan gets the perfect experience, with well-known hijinks in every live performance; for a band with seemingly unlimited creativity in the form of physical products, from custom-made cereal boxes to unique vinyl packaging; and for a band that is so passionate when writing new music, 20 years begins to seem like an even longer amount of time. A lot of moments add up over two decades – teenagers grow into men over two decades – dare we say, things change?

"At its core, Sound The Alarm is a feel-good album, and why wouldn’t it be? Twenty-five years in the making, Less Than Jake are still churning out creative, introspective and most importantly, catchy as hell songs like the seven tracks found on this EP, and we wouldn’t have it any other way." - Prelude Press (5/5)

"‘Sound The Alarm’ is a reminder that Less Than Jake’s qualities are as enduring as they are trend-defying." - Rock Sound

On Tour Now! Contact us for any opportunities!

RIYL: Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, NOFX, New Found Glory, The Suicide Machines
TRY: #3, 1, 5, 7

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Near To The Wild Heart Of Life
ADDS 1/31/17

"If Celebration Rock was two guys' way of romanticizing the messiness of a dramatic past — real and rediscovered — then Near To The Wild Heart Of Life is its natural sequel, re-envisioning youth as a passageway to a new and better place." - NPR (First Listen)

"The group’s first LP in almost five years, Near To The Wild Heart of Life, is a minor miracle, marking a definite progression from Celebration Rock without sacrificing what made Japandroids so magical in the first place. It’s the rare follow-up to a classic release that evolves just enough." - Uproxx

After playing the last of their 200 shows in more than 40 countries in support of their critically acclaimed 2012 album Celebration Rock, Japandroids took a much needed break to rest and recover after their last show in November of 2013. The band would not play again for three years. This month, they made their triumphant return to the stage, playing intimate shows in Vancouver, LA, Toronto, London and NYC, in which they treated fans to their favorites from Celebration Rock and Post-Nothing, and previewed a handful of new, unreleased songs. And today, the band has announced their much anticipated third album, Near To The Wild Heart Of Life, out worldwide on Anti- this January 27, 2017.

Near To The Wild Heart Of Life, was written clandestinely throughout 2014 and 2015 in Vancouver, Toronto, New Orleans, and Mexico City. It was (mostly) recorded by Jesse Gander (who had previously recorded both Post-Nothing and Celebration Rock) at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, BC (September-November, 2015). One song, True Love And A Free Life Of Free Will, was recorded by Damian Taylor during an exploratory recording session at Golden Ratio in Montreal, QC (February, 2015). The album was mixed by Peter Katis at Tarquin Studios in Bridgeport, CT (May, 2016) and mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound in New York, NY (July, 2016).

Like Post-Nothing and Celebration Rock, the album is 8 songs. This is because 8 songs is the standard template for a great rock n roll album: Raw Power by The Stooges, Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen, Marquee Moon by Television, IV by Led Zeppelin, Horses by Patti Smith, Paranoid by Black Sabbath, Remain In Light by Talking Heads, Master Of Puppets by Metallica, etc.

Like Post-Nothing and Celebration Rock, the album was sequenced specifically for the LP. On Near To The Wild Heart Of Life, side A (songs 1-4) and side B (songs 5-7) each follow their own loose narrative. Taken together as one, they form an even looser narrative, with the final song on side B (song 8 ) acting as an epilogue.

RIYL: Cloud Nothings, Titus Andronicus, Cymbals Eat Guitars, No Age, Thermals, Yuck
TRY: #1, 7, 3, 4
DIRTY: #2, 5, 8
(Clean edit of #2 will be on downloads page soon!)

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Delicate Steve
This Is Steve
ADDS 1/24/17

Delicate Steve Wants to Bring Joy to the World - Noisey Premiere

This is Steve, DELICATE STEVE’s first new record in 4 years, and first for the ANTI- imprint, is an articulation of his spirit. Joy. Love. Positivity. Perseverance. Meditation. A general communion with the people and world around him. Easy to call such things hackneyed in this cynical time, but in Steve’s case, it’s very hard to separate the person from the art. It’s real. It’s pure. This, is Steve.

Melody begins with the needle drop on This is Steve, and it’s this hallmark as a songwriter on display in tune after tune that has defined all of DELICATE STEVE’s work. It’s his incredible capacity to write wordless songs that are impossible not to sing along to. He works in no genre, there are no words, but there is never a question as to what he is saying.

DELICATE STEVE (aka Steve Marion) had cornered the status of ‘your favorite band’s favorite band’, as Steve himself became a fixture in and an on-demand collaborator among disparate scenes, players, and bands, making some of the most celebrated and forward thinking music today: Co-signs and work with David Byrne, Dirty Projectors, tUnE-yArDs, Mac DeMarco, Dr. Dog, and most recently, providing guitar on Paul Simon’s new record. Likely the only guitarist alive who will cut records with Sondre Lerche and Death Grip’s Zach Hill.

Steve produced and played all the instruments on this record. He created it as an introduction from himself to you, and named it appropriately. If there is a question as to who This is Steve’s creator is, you’ll find it imbued in these ten songs. As he has done from the start, Steve lets the music speak for itself. Without a word.

Delicate Steve will be embarking on a North American tour starting this February. Contact us with any requests!

TRY: #2, 3, 4, 1

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Harrison Brome
Fill Your Brains
TOP 200 + RPM ADDS 1/24/17

“With a furrowed brow and a voice rich like a nice glass of pinot noir, this Vancouver 19 year old slides in like the lovechild of Josef Salvat and James Blake.” – Noisey

“...Harrison Brome, an 19-year-old Vancouver artist whose debut, “Fill Your Brains,” was one of the cleanest experimental, genre-hopping tracks we’ve heard in a while.” – NYLON

Harrison Brome, the 19-year old brooding crooner has released his debut EP Fill Your Brains. The new EP features two brand new songs “Sex Calls” and “Boy,” as well as previously released Spotify & blog favorites “Pools,” “Midnight Island,” “Gambling Hearts” and title track “Fill Your Brain”. Premiering on Noisey, the EP is a powerful composition of work showcasing Brome’s sophistication beyond his years.

With this offering, it’s evident that the young Brome has been honing his craft; it’s poignant melodies work together with his harmonized howls for a hauntingly somber listening, evocative of the notoriously dark and gloomy weather of his hometown of Vancouver. This is just the beginning of an emotional roller coaster that is Harrison Brome.

RIYL: James Blake, Josef Salvat, Oh Wonder, Jumo
TRY: #1, 2, 4, 6
DIRTY: #3, 5

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Topshelf Records
ADDS 1/24/17

“Equal parts hooks, melody and attitude” - Brooklyn Vegan

"One of the most exciting bands we've heard all year." - NME

One only needs to take a quick glance at the bands that Montreal quintet Heat have been compared with to get a firm grasp on the visceral, wholesome noise they produce. From the brash pop of Echo & the Bunnymen to the post-punk leanings of Psychedelic Furs, this is a band that proudly take their place in the great alt-rock lineage, delivering rousing, thrilling anthems for the disenfranchised. Initially starting as “as an excuse to get together and drink”, Heat has grown in to something far more significant - and new record Overnight offers their most notable work to-date.

Recorded at Montreal’s Breakglass Studio, the recording process was something of a rocky road for the band but the resulting record is a vehement leap forward, and one that looks set to cement Heat’s status as one of Canada’s most formidable exports. Led by the band’s three founding members, Susil Sharma (Vocals, Guitar, Synth), Matthew Fiorentino (Guitar, Synth), and Raphael Bussieres (Bass), Overnight feels resolutely solid; old-school aesthetics delivered with a defiantly fresh-faced outlook.

Showcasing the bands shadowy undertones, lead single “Lush” is a heavy-hearted meeting of dark sentiments and inventive instrumentals, while closing track “Chains” offers something altogether more sparkling; a wildly ambitious seven-minute trip that matches Sharma’s slurring, hangover-ridden vocal with colorful washes of spaced-out, guitar-led soundscapes that sits alongside the likes of Preoccupations and DIIV at the forefront of the current alternative scene.

Co-produced by Grammy Award winner Alex Newport, who has worked with the likes of Death Cab and At The Drive In, Overnight is another significant milestone in Heat’s turbulent, tempestuous journey, but it’s a record that sees the band thriving in their current predicament. Ragged, raging, and unrestrained – they’ve simply never sounded better.

Overnight will be released on January 20th 2017, via Topshelf Records (US) / The Hand Recordings (CAN) / Rallye Records (JP).

RIYL: Echo & The Bunnymen, Merchandise, Velvet Underground, Preoccupations, DIIV
TRY: #3, 2, 4, 8

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Big Mother Gig
Almost Primed
Sweet Sweet Records
ADDS 1/17/17

“We’re hooked from the very first cords, as Big Mother Gig does what they do best and leads us into a song that feels – instrumentally – like the rock soundtrack to an adventure flick with a pop flare.” - Impose Magazine

Milwaukee-based indie rock pioneers, Big Mother Gig, continued their comeback today with the premiere of their official video for lead single “Alvarado” on New Noise Magazine.

The song follows a trendy young man wandering around the intersection of Alvarado and Sunset in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles; which holds true to the sort of individual and culture that inspired the song in the first place. Footage of the three studios in which the band recorded the new EP (Los Angeles, Milwaukee and Subang Jaya, Malaysia where guitarist Riz Rashid now resides). “Alvarado” is a punchy, punk-tinged indie rock banger with flippant social commentary infused in the lyrics and a huge hook that makes the song accessible in spite of it’s outsider message.

Popular music is cyclical. A never-ending ebb-and-flow of different genres rising to the mainstream before taking a turn at being “yesterday’s news” for a decade or two. In the mid 1990’s indie rock was king. There were different bastions of local, insular rock communities just waiting for the major label system to come pluck their most promising stars out and deliver them to a stardom. One of the most influential of these scenes was the melodic-alt movement that was centered around the midwestern United States. These small town, punk-influenced rock scenes would eventually birth bands like The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring and Cap’n Jazz. These bands would in turn be credited with sparking the emo music that would dominate rock radio waves for the next ten years. Big Mother Gig was around for the start of this all, and were a pen-stroke away from transcending to the next level before the band decided to part ways and explore other opportunities. As the cycle seems to have come full circle since Big Mother Gig’s heyday, and bands like Beach Slang and American Football are garnering a huge buzz, Big Mother Gig may have picked the right time to make their return.

Big Mother Gig’s Almost Primed EP, their first new release in over 20 years, will be out on February 10th. The band will also be making a highly anticipated return to the stage with a hometown reunion show at the Turner Ballroom in Milwaukee on Saturday March 18th.

RIYL: Beach Slang, Titus Andronicus, Hold Steady, Superchunk, Bob Mould
TRY: #3, 4, 2

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